RF Peripherals

Specialized wideband RF multi-couplers and switches, monitoring antennas and DF antenna systems that provide durability and utility in any environment.

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Espy offers various Antennas and Antenna Arrays as well as RF distribution, sequencers, multicouplers and Switching networks to support a variety of installation configurations including harsh environments.

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Espy's RF Peripherals go hand-in-hand with our teamSENTINEL® family of Wideband Recording RF/DF Sensors. Durable and dependable hardware combined with extreme flexibility and quick set-up can be customized to meet very unique mission requirements.

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Vanguard HF Antenna

Featuring ultra-fast deployment and outstanding durability.

The teamSENTINEL® Vanguard folding HF Antenna Element utilizes advanced technologies like composite reinforced components and additive manufacturing to deliver outstanding durability and utility to the expeditionary warfighter. Each element can be setup in five minutes or less. An array of elements can be deployed in less than two hours to establish a fully operational HD/DF receiving site. Gen3 antennas provide important improvements in weight reduction and even faster in setup and teardown.

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Fractal Antenna

Highly compact single-band antenna coupled with consistent, high performance.

Optimized for the teamSENTINEL® family of RF sensors, this advanced single-band antenna utilizes fractal geometry to deliver consistent high gain performance across an extreme 40:1 frequency bandwidth (150 to 6,000 MHz). Packaged as a highly compact circuit board, the fractal antenna is designed to fit into the transit case lid of a teamSENTINELnano™ V/U/SHF wideband sensor. Polarization (vertical or horizontal) of the omnidirectional antenna response can be affected simply by reorienting the rectangular element between portrait to landscape.

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Modular, flexible configuration that delivers precise timing and synchronization

We offer antenna array sequencers via the modular design that allows extreme flexibility in configuration. Simple HF/DF antenna arrays with nine elements or less can be controlled by a single module. Arrays with more than nine elements can utilize multiple modules to sequence additional elements. Multi-band antenna arrays can be sequenced in parallel (each band of antenna elements sequenced independently from the other) or in series (all antenna elements processed sequentially across bands). Sequence patterns (circular, star, etc.) as well as dwell/switch rates are user programmable. Precise timing and synchronization between teamSENTINEL subsystems are provided by the baseband tuner module which is in turn locked to a GPS-disciplined time and frequency server.

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RF Multicoupler

HF and V/UHF RF Multicoupler solutions to deliver high-fidelity wideband RF distribution for any mission.

We offer both HF and V/UHF RF multicoupler solutions to address our customers demand for high fidelity wideband RF distribution. Individual modules support 1-In by 5-Out and can be delivered in a 1RU or 4RU rack-mount enclosure. The 1RU enclosure supports up to two (2) 1x5 modules side-by-side and can be stacked as necessary to meet changing RF input requirements. The 4RU module supports up to twelve (12) 1x5 modules to improve rack elevation density by up to 33% over the 1 RU enclosure solution. HF and V/UHF modules are interchangeable and can be mixed as needed to meet unique mission requirements.

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V/UHF DF Antenna

Configurable antenna supports AoA DF from 20 MHz - 3 GHz and TNG of received signals from 20 MHz up - 6 GHz.

Attached to a teamSENTINEL V/UHF DF-enabled sensor, the Toadstool V/UHFDF Gen2 antenna can be configured to support both Angle of Arrival direction finding (AoA DF) from 20MHz up to 3 GHz, as well as Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) of received signals from 20 MHz up to 6 GHz. The low band has a loop array for good DF performance at low frequencies where the phase size of the array is small, and two pentagonal arrays for the middle and high frequency ranges. A cavity at the base of the antenna houses Espy’s high performance RF switches, eliminating the need for field calibration. This cavity slides open to allow for in-place servicing of the RF switches, without removing the antenna from its mast. Hydrophobic breathing vents, as well as high a capacity drain valve allow egress of water accumulations in high humidity environments.

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Edge Sensors and Processing:
Integrates COTS equipment around system software to develop higher quality sensor data that discovers, identifies, records, and remembers.

Creates teamVIEW (sensor data displayed allowing operators to view sensor data from all or select sensors in the worldwide network).

AI/ML classification:
Leverages spectral imaging as the basis for AI/ML integration; allows operators to be more engaged and continually enhance the confidence scoring.

Streamlined AI/ML training:
Intuitive GUI allows operators (vs. engineers) to create new models with < 2 hrs to train.

Precision Geo-Location:
JICD 4.2 compliant AOA/TDOA algorithms provide precision geolocation.

Data Analytics:
Collects and records meta data allowing web-based browser views for rapid data analysis

Improved Workflows:
Integrates the spectral, globe and image processing views allowing operators to quickly mine spectrum for signals of interest.

Enhanced Visualization:
Utilizes spectral imaging and mapping allowing operators to make sense of the RF environment with limited radio protocol expertise.



Signals Intelligence:
teamSENTINEL solutions provided through integrating AI/ML, Geolocation and Visualization tools to enable signal analysts to discover and analyze signals of interest in an ever-changing RF environment across a national network of sensors. 

RF Battlefield Visualization:
Interference, both intended and unintended, from electromagnetic emissions can disrupt battlefield operations. teamSENTINEL sensors allow operators to understand what the digital battlefield signature looks like and safeguard locations and troop movements from compromise and prevent inadvertent interference with allied force equipment.  

Warfighter Threat Detection:
Whether tethered or untethered, teamSENTINEL systems visualize the immediate location so warfighters can immediately identify new emissions in their surrounding area. Geolocating these emitters allows for situational awareness on the battlefield.  

Border Monitoring:
Organized criminal organizations take advantage of the ease of movement across borders and continue to develop methods to evade detection. Deploying teamSENTINEL with geofencing capabilities allows border patrol organizations to understand the RF environment and locate these illicit operations.  

Spectrum Monitoring:
Understanding the RF environment to ensure the legal use by commercial and military organizations is important to maintain communication networks are properly functioning. teamSENTINEL offers 24/7 coverage of the RF spectrum, identification and location of emitters that threaten these networks.

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