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MPG Solutions® RF & Microwave portfolio comprises of many multi-function integrated microwave assemblies and subsystems to support global mission-critical applications.

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Unique SWaP solutions for the most demanding requirements

MPG Solutions® takes the best of MPG's pre-existing, proven, and qualified subsystem components and engineers them to the next level. Our solutions combine over 200 years of technology, design, and subject matter expertise that many global applications have been designed around and come to depend on.

As we operate in an increasingly congested electromagnetic environment, electronic warfare advances in radar technology and communication systems drive the limits of what is possible for frequency, speed, bandwidth, and SWaP. MPG leverages the latest technologies in RF, microwave, and mixed-signal technology to provide customized cutting edge solutions into numerous markets and applications.

All of the MPG brands have individually supplied the world's largest, and most security-critical and life-saving customer programs with specific pieces of systems block diagrams. BSC Filters being one of UK's most trusted Filters suppliers, Dow-Key Microwave, who have engineered and manufactured the most trusted Switches and Switch Matrices; ESPY, our edge technology AI/ML experts; K&L Microwave and Pole/Zero, top-tier global Filter providers. Now, MPG Solutions® provides the quality, on-time delivery, and reliability that have become synonymous with all five of our branded entities, leveraging the combined expertise and enhanced technologies of cross-site collaboration, as one.

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System-critical Solutions

MPG has a vast range of engineering experience that can offer multiple and mixed topologies in a single unit that offer a precise fit for your exacting requirements. With a heritage of working with industry’s most demanding desires, MPG combines engineering expertise, innovation and manufacturing excellence to design, develop and deliver mission-critical RF, microwave components.

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Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Whether it is a modular, tailored design or a custom, highly-integrated, multi-function assembly, we will actively engage with you to provide the best value without compromising performance. Contact our engineers today to start the collaborative process!

Case Studies & Innovation Stories

The Mission

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will capture images and spectra that will help us understand how today’s universe emerged.


MPG Receives Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Dow-Key® Microwave was selected by Boeing to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. This is their third time receiving the award.



P-8A Poseidon Mission

MPG equipment delivered on the goal of Connecting and Protecting People by providing clear communicatins over long distances in this search and rescue (SAR) event.