Automated Test Equipment

MPG supports automated test equipment (ATE) with high-end critical electronic components, including switches, filters and also integrated solutions, to ensure accurate results and enduring performance. 


The functionality and the safety of an electronic device is only as reliable as the components in the automated test equipment used for diagnosing and testing products. MPG’s highly experienced engineers work with each customer to design devices that meet individual needs and standards, including high quality fixed filters, digital tuned filters, switched matrix and mechanical switches. Due to our willingness to push boundaries in terms of performance, frequency and PIM, we are the sole manufacturer of high-performance products in many markets.


MPG is a pioneer in the automated test equipment market. At a time when few testing solutions existed, we were not afraid to take on the impossible. Instead, we listened to our customers and responded with proprietary components. Early on, our tenacity and customer dedication gave birth to breakthroughs in filtering solutions, resulting in one of the first products designed to measure the output energy from a 3G base station under full power at a large dynamic range. We continued to evolve with advancements in technology and now design and manufacture a full line of automated testing solution products for the needs of the growing LTE and 5G markets.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of RF electromechanical switches, MPG has supported the ATE market with superior solutions since 1999. Our experienced engineers continue to work directly with our customers to solve for some of the industry’s most complex testing equipment scenarios.

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Quick Facts:

MPG offers a full range of filter and switch solutions for automated test equipment, delivering COTS and proprietary designs to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Operating in ATE since 1999

150+ custom switch designs in use

Flexible and efficient modular system architecture

Fully customizable configurations available to meet your application requirements.

Automated Test Equipment Technologies

MPG supports manufacturers with a full line of automated test equipment, including:

  • Single Bandpass and Bandreject filters
  • Bandpass/Bandpass, Bandpass/Bandstop filters
  • Tunable filters in manual and digital form
  • Multi-Channel Multiplexer including any combination of Single Bandpass, Bandreject, Bandpass/Bandpass, and Bandpass/Bandstop filters
  • Duplexers (BP-BP, BP-BS and LP/HP)
  • Switch Matrix solutions from DC up to 40 GHz

Facility & Capabilities


  • Filter solutions address both characterization and interference mitigation in the Device Under Testing (DUT) or production phase of chipset manufacturing.
  • Our experienced engineers can design products based off of multiple SKUs and cross reference any number of integrated technologies into one product.
  • Our stand-alone high performance coaxial switches are available with an insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across DC to 26.5 GHz frequency band.
  • Test boxes can be customized to customer sizing requirements and include single or multiple switch configurations. We are the only manufacturer today to offer a combination of switched Matrix and mechanical switches.
  • We can design filters to debug high frequency RF responses.

Manufacturing Facility & Test Equipment

  • High precision mechanical manufacturing
  • Controlled silverplating
  • Vector network analyzers
  • Synthesized sources
  • Noise figure measuring equipment
  • Passive inter-modulation (PIM) test stands
  • Thermal/vacuum changes
  • RF power sources
  • Shock and vibration stations

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Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Whether it is a modular, tailored design or a custom, highly-integrated, multi-function assembly, we will actively engage with you to provide the best value without compromising performance. Contact our engineers today to start the collaborative process!

Featured Products & Solutions


SPDT Coaxial Switches

Designed to reliably route microwave signals or RF energy from point to point within a transmission line, MPG's SPDT Coax Switches are equally at home in an industrial environment, such as large RF communication systems and networks, or within the lab supporting RF testing equipment


Switch Matrices

Designed and developed for commercial and military environments, our RF switch matrix solutions offer a variety of high density, RF Switching (Tx and Rx) configurations including low/high frequency, low/high power, narrowband and broadband solutions from DC to 50GHz. Units can be equipped with active or passive components in addition to any switches.



Routes Band 8 Signals in Split/Combine Mode

DAS Networks for Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Test Equipment

Base Stations

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