Expands MPG’s capability in signal processing as demand intensifies for next-generation spectrum monitoring solutions


Espy's teamSENTINEL® family of wideband recording RF sensors is highly configurable to address a wide range of size, weight, power, cost, frequency and coverage requirements. Operators can now conduct signal searches when time permits, with Espy’s extreme recording of wideband digital RF. Signals can be retroactively played back as audio, analyzed to determine signal type, and geo-located on geolocation-enabled sensors.

Espy family offerings include teamSENTINEL®, teamSENTINELmini®, teamSENTINELnano®, teamSOIGNE®, covering ELF, VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF bands.
covering ELF, VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF bands.

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Espy is a provider of commercial radio (RF) monitoring, direction finding, Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) capable sensors and analysis software. Optimized to support search, survey, geolocation, discovery, and analysis of new transmitters in the RF spectrum, these sensors and GUIs are especially well suited to spectrum monitoring and enforcement operations, with applications in various industries. Ease of use, quality, value, and maintainability are cornerstones of Espy’s offerings.

Quick Facts

Espy is a provider of commercial radio frequency (RF) monitoring, direction finding, Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) capable sensors and analysis software, optimized to support search, survey, geolocation, discovery, and analysis of new transmitters in the RF spectrum.

Simplified Operation for Superior Performance

Engineering to Engineering Support

Wideband Signal Processing

Geo-Location Enabled Sensors

Neural Networked-Based Machine Learning Techniques

Commercial + Military Applications

Support SIGINT, COMINT, and ELINT Applications

Super Resolution Signal Processing

Facility, Qualities, & Capabilities

ESPY has several facilities and RF antenna array locations for all design, development, manufacturing and testing requirements to produce the teamSENTINEL family of systems.

Texas: Headquartered on 20 acres of land west of Austin TX that includes an 11,000 square foot facility with an adjacent 4,000 square foot building. The property includes a HF/DF array as well as three V/UHF nodes for testing. There is also a DF calibration table and transmitter on site.

Pennsylvania: A second HF/DF array is in rural eastern Pennsylvania for multi node and remote testing.

Maryland: Satellite office in Columbia MD that has several meeting rooms and workstation for customer training as well as an HF and VUHF system for training and development for multi node and remote operations.





teamSENTINEL© family of wideband recording RF sensors are highly configurable to address a wide range of requirements defined by size, weight, power, cost, frequency coverage (ELF, VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF), wideband recording capacity, signal detection, signal categorization, angle of arrival direction finding (AoA DF) and TNG. Extreme recording of wideband digital RF (hours, days and weeks) affords operators the freedom to conduct signal searches without the pressure of operating in real-time, and all while the system is actively acquiring and recording new RF data. Signals can be retroactively prosecuted interactively by an operator to play back as audio, analyze to determine signal type, and geo-locate on geolocation-enabled sensors.




The teamSOIGNE Client Application Suite is distinguished for its ease-of-use and effectiveness and is specifically designed to eliminate interference in military communications systems. Equipment used in crowded communication bands and closely located transceivers are often needed for simultaneous operations (SIMOP) and require RF systems designers/integrators to pay increasing attention to managing their equipment’s generation and rejection of undesired signals and noise. Receiver desensitization greatly diminishes communications range.




RF Peripherals

A 8-channel, 30-512 MHz RF interference canceller system that achieves 40 dB of strong signal attenuation without the need for reference signals from local transmitters. This enables the reception of low-level RF signals in the presence of up to 8 strong interferers as a result of its inherent low-loss path for all non-cancelled signals. It provides fast canceller acquisition, compatible with SINCGARS and HAVE QUICK hopping waveforms.


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MPG is a trusted equipment provider serving an assortment of important aerospace applications, including aircraft anti-collision systems and air traffic control communication equipment. Products are designed to specific customer requirements to maximize overall system performance.




With its strong history servicing the Defense industry, MPG excels at delivering solutions that enable communication, provide signal control and take command of defense technology development. MPG protects mission critical Electronic Warfare applications and enables next generation Radars.




As the world’s largest manufacturer of RF electromechanical switches, MPG has supported the ATE market with superior solutions since 1999. Our experienced engineers continue to work directly with our customers to solve for some of the industry’s most complex testing equipment scenarios.




MPG is the premier provider of solutions for communications challenges arising from RF interference.  Our products enable military platforms to simultaneously operate multiple radios on the same platform without degradation in performance, range or compromises in CON-OPS. 




With its 75+ Years of Space Heritage, MPG has provided Filters, Coaxial and Waveguide Switches, and also IMUX & Assemblies to the space market. Our portfolio includes over 200 product designs and are NASA and ESA approved. MPG is an active supporter of numerous space programs.




MPG has provided interference mitigation devices in support of airborne GPS and missile GPS systems since technology inception. MPG offers a suite of GPS filters and amplifiers that fits your high reliability GPS receiver. Our ruggedized designs support ground, airborne, missile or launch/reentry vehicle.


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Welcome to MPG. We are proud to be able to provide a work environment that encourages safety, communication and teamwork. Each of our employees plays a major role in the success of the Organization and we continue to challenge our employees by providing training, educational assistance and positive feedback, which will allow each individual to have an opportunity for growth and continued success. We are excited for the future of MPG and look forward to meeting our prospective applicants.