The MPG brand family is widely recognized as a premier manufacturer and provider of RF interference mitigation devices, protecting the sanctity of communications intelligence (COMINT) for satellite, telecom and broadcast networks and platforms.


Today’s crowded communication bands and closely located receivers and transmitters escalate the need for RF interference mitigation, across the communications industry, requiring durable and long-lasting components. MPG focuses out the noise with a broad range of products, including RF microwave filters and switches, all designed to help ensure that transmissions are reliably routed across communications systems and networks.


MPG serves the communications market with RF interference mitigation devices and a long-standing history of innovation and industry expertise. More than 300 engineers and experts in design and development continue to achieve breakthroughs in size, cost and performance, backed by more than 50 years of experience and manufacturing excellence.

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Quick Facts:

MPG’s broad range of RF interference mitigation devices and switches, offer premium performance and customization at an optimized price, to safeguard communications intelligence across all satellite, telecom and broadcast networks

Designed to operate in the most rugged environments

Over 182,000 square feet of manufacturing space

Large staff of design and applications engineers

Applied R&D group develops advanced passive and active solutions

History of innovation and proprietary market solutions

Filter Wizard® & QuEST Filtering design application

Communications Technologies

MPG supports manufacturers in the Communications industry with a full line of components designed mitigate interference.

  • Receive Reject Filters
  • Transmit Reject Filters
  • Transitions (WG to Coax adaptor)
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Loads
  • Diplexers
  • Multiplexers
  • Couplers
  • Single Bandpass and Bandreject filters
  • Bandpass/Bandpass, Bandpass/Bandstop filters
  • Tunable filters in manual and digital form
  • Multi-Channel Multiplexer including any combination of Single Band Pass, Band Reject, Band Pass/Band Pass, and Band Pass/Band stop filters
  • Duplexers (BP-BP, BP-BS and LP/HP)
  • Low insertion loss, high reliability switches and switch matrices

Facility & Capabilities


  • Products are designed for low loss and compact size while delivering ultimate rejections levels.
  • Filter products ranging from the VHF / UHF telecoms bands, through traditional cellular telecoms bands up to millimeter wave bands used for uplink and downlinks for 5G networks.
  • Proprietary pseudo-elliptic transfer function capability realizes filters with unprecedented small size, roll-off performance, and low passband loss.

Manufacturing Facility & Test Equipment

  • State-of-the-art plating facility
  • High precision mechanical manufacturing
  • Controlled silverplating
  • Vector network analyzers
  • Synthesized sources
  • Noise figure measuring equipment
  • Passive inter-modulation (PIM) test stands
  • Thermal/vacuum changes
  • RF power sources
  • Shock and vibration stations
  • CNC machining stations networked with CAD/CAM computing stations

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Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Whether it is a modular, tailored design or a custom, highly-integrated, multi-function assembly, we will actively engage with you to provide the best value without compromising performance. Contact our engineers today to start the collaborative process!

Featured Products & Solutions


SPDT Coaxial Switches

Designed to reliably route microwave signals or RF energy from point to point within a transmission line, MPG's SPDT Coax Switches are equally at home in an industrial environment, such as large RF communication systems and networks, or within the lab supporting RF testing equipment

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MPG Solutions ICE4003 Dual Channel Filter


The ICE4003 is a dual channel filter that provides two independent UHF TX/RX channels in a single package. Each channel can operate autonomously into a dedicated antenna or both channels can be combined into a single antenna.

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Combline Band Pass Filter

Designed to cover UHF-2 Band, this filter provides low loss and flat group delay, for radios and point to point links in Maritime, Aeronautical and Programme making & Special Events (PMSE) bands.

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