RF Distribution & Multicouplers

MPG’s RF Distribution Multicouplers ensure reliable signal transmission and reception, utilizing a single antenna.



Tunable Multicouplers enable up to four (4) transceivers to operate simultaneously in transmit and receive modes with only one antenna. The four digitally tunable, fast-hopping bandpass filters within the Multicoupler cover the VHF or UHF frequency range.


MPG Solutions RF Distribution Multicouplers utilize 4 digitally controlled Bandpass Filters, to afford reliable signal transmission and reception, as well as the following advantages:

  • A wide dynamic range over a broad band
  • Protection for high ambient RF field conditions or from nearby lightning strikes
  • Excellent receive sensitivity and system overload protection in the presence of large interfering signals
  • High selectivity with a nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 0.7 (VHF), 0.3 (UHF), 1.0 or 2.0%
  • Remote control through an independent digital interface
  • Customizable to individual interface, mechanical and performance requirements


Problems Solved

MPG Solutions RF Distribution Multicouplers are fit for the following challenges:

  • Applications requiring transmission and reception through a single antenna
  • Situations where densely packed devices or frequency-hopping systems cause electromagnetic interference

Markets & Applications


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Technical Questions?

Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Contact our engineers to see how we can solve your mission-critical challenges.

Special Processes & Technologies

  • Multiple RF screen rooms
  • Full Complement of test equipment (DC – 3GHz) including network, spectrum, and modulation analyzers; signal and function generators
  • Eagleware GENESYS™RF/Microwave Design Tool together with SPECTRASYS™, an RF architecture simulator and EMPOWER/ML™, a multi-level planar 3D EM simulator
  • MathCAD13 for circuit simulation and analysis
  • Mentor Graphics DxDesigner Schematic Capture & Circuit Board Layout Tool
    • Autodesk Inventor® Series including:
      • Autodesk Inventor® software for 2D/3D design and documentation
      • AutoCAD® Mechanical for productive 2D drawing and detailing
      • Autodesk® Vault to synchronize your design efforts
  • Juki Model KE-3010L and Model KE-3020L precision SMT assemblers
  • Heller Model 1800W reflow oven
  • Yes Tech YTV-2050 Automated Optical Inspection unit
  • DEK Horizon 03iX screenprinter
  • Glenbrook Technologies Model JB70T X-Ray equipment
  • Custom developed test fixtures for automated testing of customer units
  • Temperature/Humidity chambers capable of thermal cycling units under test from -73°C to +175°C. Pole/Zero currently has multiple thermal chambers including the TestEquity 115, TestEquity 1007C, Russells F-18, Russells RB-32 and Russells RDV-32 chambers
  • MB Dynamics C10E, LDS V830 and V850 Electrodynamic vibration tables for shock, random, & sinusoidal testing cycles

RF Distribution & Multicouplers


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Dow-Key® Microwave was selected by Boeing to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. This is their third time receiving the award.



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